We are looking for:

Truck Drivers, M/F/D

Successful as a Team

To gain the appreciation of people, whether an employee, a customer, business partner or a friend, is the ideal we live by. It is a given for us to always treat others with respect and approach them in fairness.

The MEIDEL GROUP, as an independent group of highly efficient truck freight, shipping and logistics companies, puts an emphasis on personal, direct and speedy communication.

'Learning from our mistakes' is the name of the game. Therefore, we always ask our customers and partners for feedback, even if, an order did not work out as well as it should have. Improving our work processes – every day - is what we attach utmost importance to!

Highly efficient & independent

The Strengths of the MEIDEL GROUP

  • Independently operated medium-size company
  • Transport competence since 1903
  • Personal consulting and customer care
  • Flexibility thru fast decision making and a responsive short chain-of-command
  • Quality in all processes
  • Complete and collaborative advertising system
  • Cooperation with a variety of competent partners and sub-contractors



  • Independent and owner-operated
  • Tradition and quality-conscious
  • Innovative and progressive with a highly motivated staff
  • Satisfied and loyal customers thru cooperative partnerships