Company event at KVG Erfurt

KVG Erfurt again had reason to cheer and celebrate at this year's company event. The bowling evening was a great success for all colleagues of the big KVG team. We are already looking forward to next year ...

during the celebration our deserving colleagues were honored:


20 YEARS of affiliation

  • Blankenburg, Dieter
  • Ewlad Diethard
  • Gajowski Ingolf
  • Liebau Matthias
  • Miller Andreas
  • Woodpecker Maik
  • Spitzka Jürgen
  • Tögel Uwe
  • Kosemetzky Anke

15 YEARS affiliation

  • Duke Andreas

10 YEARS affiliation

  • Wolf Michael
  • Veit Horst
  • Möllmann Jürgen
  • Rose Steffen
  • Hecker Sascha
  • Zeise Melanie

SPECIAL AWARENESS 50 YEARS & 53 YEARS of affiliation

  • Schröder Bernhard with the company since 1968!!!! Currently retired
  • Richter Herbert since 1965 in the company!!! Currently working as a pensioner