Fire prevention education book with digital contents for the district fire brigade association Mittelsachsen e.V. in the old district Döbeln published -

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We are there!


Fire is warmth, light and comfort - and yet it can become a life-threatening, destructive danger!


Especially our children's fascination with the flickering, exciting element of fire is repeatedly their undoing: When curiosity meets a lack of awareness of danger, accidentally caused fires, injuries and worse are the result.


How do you react when there's a fire? The district fire brigade association Mittelsachsen e. V. and K&L Verlag have set themselves the goal of answering this question in a way that is suitable for children and have published an easy-to-understand coloring and workbook for girls and boys of elementary school age. We find: This is a good thing!


That is why we support the project


The memorable information, instructive tasks and loving illustrations of the new fire safety book "Sicher mit Feuer und Flamme" (Safe with Fire and Flame) were developed in close cooperation with fire safety experts from fire departments. By working through it at home or at school, children are proven to better understand and reinforce the fire safety awareness and guidance on proper behavior provided by fire departments.


Additional digital content, such as videos or learning success checks available using state-of-the-art AR technology and a free app, also make the workbook an engaging experience!


Thanks to the support of many local companies, the workbooks can be distributed to elementary school children free of charge. This is a commitment that we are very happy to support.


Would you like to learn more about the project? Here you can find a short film with the Hamburg Fire Department and further information about the project