OBS Internationale Spedition GmbH

OBS is an experienced less-than-truckload bulk cargo expert. As a partner of the CTL, Cargo Trans Logistik AG, we are part of a future-oriented network of dedicated trucking companies. This group of more than 120 companies works with the latest logistic systems in the areas of bulk and piece goods transport.


OBS Ostberliner Speditionsgesellschaft was founded in 1990 with the construction of a 3,500 sq. m. hall and relocation of the company headquarters to Gross Kienitz near Berlin. Additionally, a repair shop and garage for trucks was opened.

In 2004 the MEIDEL GROUP became the majority stakeholder of OBS Internationale Spedition GmbH, thus gaining a strong partner for The Group.

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OBS Internationale Spedition GmbH

Hermann-Gebauer-Strasse 7
D-15831 Groß Kienitz

Tel.: +49 33708 9336 70

Fax: +49 33708 9336 15


OBS Internationale Spedition GmbH suspends its business on 31.03.2019.