Meidel as an employer

The MEIDEL GROUP consists of 5 logistics companies. The consortium employs approx. 260 people. Within this group, we specialize in offering to our customers all services in the areas of logistics, freight trucking and transport, entirely tailored to their individual needs.


The headquarters of our family-owned enterprise is in Markt Einersheim, Lower Franconia, Germany. Our company is under its fourth-generation of family management. The big success of the company is mostly owed to our dedicated, motivated and reliable employees. 


If you’d like to train at a future-oriented and innovative company, and if you’d like to strengthen this company thru your personal efforts; we look forward to receiving your application per post or Email.

Electromechanics Engineer for Commercial Vehicles, M/F/D – training position

Our Company

The launch of the WSG, Waldheimer Truck Freight, Ltd., WSG Waldheimer Speditionsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, occurred on 1 November, 1992, thru the privatization of segments of the former, VEB Kraftverkehr Waldheim.

Today, the Meidel Group family-managed truck freight, shipping and logistics company employs approx. 200 personnel and staff at the Waldheim, Gelsenkirchen and Waldenburg locations. Of this number, some 30 are trainees in the areas of truck freight, warehousing, maintenance and repair, and as professional drivers.
The job profiles range from regional, national and international freight transport services, warehouse logistics (approx. 20,000 m² storage space under roof) to maintenance and repair shops and other services in the area of light-utility vehicles. These operations are supported by a fleet of more than 70 heavy transporters; each vehicle is customized with the latest technology and equipment to handle the specials needs of the automotive, paper and new furniture logistic markets.

The Training, an Overview

A Electromechanics Engineer for Commercial Vehicles is a recognized trade of the German, BBiG, Vocational Training Act and HwO, Trade and Crafts Code. The 3½ -year training opens up numerous opportunities for future employment at repair shops and garages for commercial & utility vehicles, roadside assistance shops, repair shops of freight trucking and bus companies, at manufactures, suppliers and/or dealers of commercial & utility vehicles or in the spare parts operations of automotive repair and maintenance facilities. Furthermore, there is a variety of options for further qualification courses and training (e.g. to become a Professional Commercial Driver. Most importantly, there is the good possibility for continued employment at the training company.

Training Location

The in-house training takes place in the repair shop at 76 Hauptstrasse at the Waldheim location. The school training is taught at the BSZ, Chemnitz, Professions and Trades Training Center, in accordance with the Chemnitz Chamber of Trade. This also applies to the inter-company trainings. Trainees 18 years or older can choose an alternative; for example, one year of training at the Doebeln, BSZ and the Leipzig, BSZ for the following years.


Realschule* or Abitur** Diploma and being physically fit.
* type of secondary / junior high school for ages up to 16
** higher education entrance qualification


Training Contents

Theoretical / Inter-company Training at the BSZ, Professions & Trades Training Center


  • Maintenance and care of vehicles or systems
  • Dismantling, overhauling and assembling of automotive engineered components or systems
  • Checking and overhauling of electrical and electronic systems
  • Checking and overhauling of motor mechanisms
  • Diagnose and maintain motor management systems
  • Checking and overhauling of control systems
  • Checking and maintaining of power systems and starter systems
  • Performing exhaust systems service and maintenance checks and tasks
  • Maintaining transmission systems
  • Maintaining chassis and brake systems
  • Retro-fitting, refitting and activation add-on systems
  • Checking and overhauling of interconnected systems
  • Checking and overhauling of electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic systems
  • Performing service and maintenance tasks for analysis, and for legal inspection and compliance

The Practical Training at the Training Company encompasses, among others

  • Organization and Cleanliness of the Repair Shop and Adjacent Facilities
  • Working on and maintaining commercial vehicles following prescribed procedures and standards. Maintenance and repair, following prescribed procedures and standards, of: tires, brakes, clutch, engine, motors, electrical and electronic systems & parts, transmission, and others.
  • Care, repair and overhaul of vehicle bodies, trailers, swap bodies, body and painting work
  • Vehicle washing and care
  • On the road help



  • In writing submit: job application, portfolio with CV and school completion certificate 9 / 11 grade ( half-year report 10 / 12 grade has to be handed in later)


WSG Waldheimer Speditionsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG
Landsberger Straße 20
04736 Waldheim

  • Contact Person
      Ms. Brückner (secretary's office):   Phone 034327 / 670100



  • Application period: at the beginning of the 10th / 12th grades thru the end of the first half-year. Submission of the half-year report is required.


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